SCR to take 8 trains on Electric traction

The electrification between Guntakal and Kalluru for a distance of 41 Route Kms has now been completed in all respects. Commissioner, Railway Safety recently completed the inspection and has thereby given certification as fit to run passenger train services with immediate effect. Further it has been decided to restore the following trains on their normal route, i.e Guntakal- Kaluru via Gulapalyamu.

  1. Train 22691 SBC-NZM Rajdhani leaving SBC on 1.2.2020 will run via Dharmavaram-Kaluru-Gulapalyamu-Guntakal.
  2. Train 22692 NZM-SBC Rajdhani leaving NZM on 31.1.2020 will run via Guntakal-Gulapalyamu-Kaluru-Dharmavaram.
  3. 12213 YPR-DEE Duranto Exp leaving YPR on 1.2.2020 will run via Dharmavaram-Kaluru-Gulapalyamu-Guntakal.
  4. 12214 DEE-YPR Duranto Exp leaving DEE 3.2.2010 will run via Guntakal-Gulapalyamu-Kaluru-Dharmavaram.
  5. 12735 SC-YPR Garibrath Exp leaving SC on 2.2.2020 will run via Dharmavaram-Kaluru-Gulapalyamu-Guntakal.
  6. 12736 YPR-SC Garibrath Exp leaving YPR on 1.2.2020 will run via Guntakal-Gulapalyamu-Kaluru-Dharmavaram.

The following trains will be taken on electric traction consequent to completion of Guntakal-Kaluru electrification.

Train No.Existing tractionProposed tractionImplementation date
12591GKP-SC (E), SC-YPR (D)GKP-YPR (E)2.02.2020 Ex SC
12592YPR-SC (D), SC-GKP (E)YPR-GKP (E)3.02.2020 Ex YPR
15015GKP-SC (E), SC-YNK(D)GKP-YNK (E)4.02.2020 Ex SC
15016YNK-SC (D), SC-GKP (E)YNK-GKP (E)6.02.2020 Ex YNK
16571YPR-BIDR (D)YPR-VKB (E), VKB-BIDR (D)2.02.2020 Ex YPR
16572BIDR-YPR (D)BIDR-VKB (D), VKB-YPR (E)3.02.2020 Ex VKB
16583YPR-LUR (D)YPR-VKB (E), VKB-LUR (D)5.02.2020 Ex YPR
16584LUR-YPR (D)LUR-VKB (D), VKB-YPR (E)1.02.2020 Ex VKB

Image courtesy : Prithvi Raj

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