Soon, Bangladesh Railway Officers Will Study At Indian Railways Centralised Training Institutes

Bangladesh Railways (BR) will soon be sending its staff to train at Indian Railways Centralised Training Institutes (CTIs).

The initiative is part of a broader range of discussions held between Minister of Railways, Government of India and his Bangladesh counterpart in August 2019. As part of the meeting, India agreed to provide training facilities for BR officers.

Accordingly, BR has provided details of their training needs. Vadodara based National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR) has been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating with different CTIs to prepare a syllabus based on the requirements provided by BR.

IR trains its own serving officers, supervisors and probationers at its Centralised Training Institutes (CTIs) that now operate under the NAIR umbrella.

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Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering (IRICEN), Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering (IRIEEN), Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (IRIMEE) are some of the key CTIs that train Indian Railways staff.

BR’s training requirements cover a broad range of rail operations from planning, management, locomotives and rolling stock to track and signalling.

Key aspects for which CTIs will impart training to BR personnel:

Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering (IRICEN), Pune

  1. Design of yard, concrete sleepers, bridges & railway tracks
  2. Design & realignment of curves
  3. Design, laying & maintenance of point and crossings
  4. Survey, estimates & construction of new railway line
  5. Derailment investigation

Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering (IRIEEN), Nasik

  1. Operation, maintenance of generators & motors
  2. Maintenance & operation of transformers, pumps
  3. Installation, maintenance of overhead & underground transmission lines
  4. Maintenance of power station and substations
  5. Station lighting, train lighting & air conditioning of coaches

Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (IRIMEE), Jamalpur

  1. Repair, maintenance & trouble shooting of Diesel locomotives & DEMUs
  2. Fuel economy & management
  3. Repair and maintenance of carriage & wagons
  4. Pneumatic & hydraulic systems
  5. Preparation, formation of relief trains

Indian Railways Institute of Signal & Telecommunication Engineering (IRISET), Secunderabad

  1. Principles of relay interlocking, types of relays
  2. Track circuit equipments
  3. Power supply for relay interlocking
  4. Signalling rule diagrams
  5. VHF/UHF transmission. Train control system

Indian Railways Institute of Traffic Management (IRITM), Lucknow

  1. Preparation of rake, power & crew link
  2. Preparation of Working Timetable & station working rules
  3. Running of President special, Military special & special trains
  4. Prevention of claims, liability of railways as carrier
  5. Commercial survey & inspection

National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR), Baroda

  1. Functions of Material Management
  2. Inventory Control
  3. Depot administration & management
  4. Category & classification of Stores
  5. Depot logistics, distribution & security

In view of prevailing pandemic conditions, whether the classes would be conducted in person or online is yet to be finalised by both the railways.

Photo Courtesy: Deshi Train

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