SR : Passenger Special trains for Pournami Girivalam at Tiruvannamalai

In view of Pournami Girivalam festival at Tiruvannamalai, the following MEMU special trains will be extended and run as Passenger specials between Vellore Cantonment – Tiruvannamalai – Vellore Cantonment as detailed below:

Vellore Cant. – Tiruvannamalai MEMU special train will leave Vellore Cant at 21:45 hrs on10th January 2020 and reach Tiruvannamalai at 23:25 hrs. on the same day. Tiruvannamalai – Vellore Cant.

MEMU special train will leave Tiruvannamalai at 04:00 hrs on 11th January 2020 and reach Vellore Cant. at 05:55 hrs on the same day.

Detailed timings:

Vellore Cant – Tiruvannamalai MEMU Special 

Station Tiruvannamalai – Vellore Cant MEMU Special

21.45 (d) Vellore Cant (a) 05.5521.57/21.58 (a/d) Kaniyambadi (a/d) 05.33/05.3422.09/22.10 (a/d) Kannamangalam (a/d) 05.16/05.1722.24/22.25 (a/d) Arni Road (a/d) 05.00/05.0122.40/22.41 (a/d) Polur (a/d) 04.41/04.4222.51/22.52 (a/d) Agaram (a/d) 04.29/04.3023.06/23.07 (a/d) Turinjapuram (a/d) 04.12/04.1323.25 (a) Tiruvannamalai (d) 04.00

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