SWR: Electronic Interlocking Commissioned at Toranagallu Station

New Electronic Interlocking System has been commissioned at Toranagallu railway station on 03.01.2020 at 22:00 hrs.  This work has been carried out as part of Railway Electrification Work between Ballari and Hosapete. 

The electrification work between Hosapete-Hubballi-Vasco Da Gama is in progress at various sections like Hosapete-Bhanapur, Bhanapur-Harlapur, Harlapur-Binkadakatti, Hubballi bypass and Dharwad-Mugad etc. and by  February 2020, Electrification work from Hosapete to Bhanapur is expected to be completed.

The Interlocking System of a station is the arrangement of signalling apparatus designed to ensure safe reception and despatch of trains and shunting operations. The existing Panel Interlocking system of Toranagallu station has been replaced with Electronic Interlocking. 

Electronic Interlocking System is the latest technology of Interlocking which provides more reliability and safety and is suitable for AC electrified area. It is a Microprocessor based interlocking that facilitates easy modifications when needed like during yard remodelling and it is easy to maintain.

Train No.16591 Hubballi-Mysuru Hampi Express was the first train to pass on signals after the commissioning of New Electronic Interlocking System.  Shri Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager of Hubballi Division congratulated the Officers and staff involved in this work for successful accomplishment with minimal detentions and well before the scheduled period. 

Salient features of Electronic Interlocking System provided at Toranagallu station are as below:

1. The Electronic Interlocking has been provided with Dual Visual Display Unit at the Station Master’s Room. 

2. Yard has been remodelled with 8 roads.

3. Block Proving Axle Counter with SGE Double line Block Instrument has been provided for Toranagallu- Daroji Block and slotting system between Toranagallu and Toranagallu bypass.  

4. New Integrated Power Supply has been provided for uninterrupted and stable power supply.

5. Data logger with networking has been provided to record, monitor and analyse the data of operations.

6. Earth Leakage Detector has been provided to monitor the healthiness of signalling cables.  

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