SWR: Cancellation and Diversion of Trains due to NI Work between Kalaburagi and Savalgi

Following trains will be cancelled /diverted due to Non-Interlocking work between Kalaburagi to Savalgi stations for commissioning of double line Read more »
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ER: Regulation of Trains For NI Work at Jaynagar-Baijalpura Rail Link Project

Due to non-interlocking works for Jaynagar – Baijalpura Rail Link Project from 17.10.2019 to 23.10.2019, trains will be short terminated /short originated: Read more »
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WCR: Two Pairs of Trains Cancelled Due to NI work in NR’s Moradabad Division

Two pairs of trains originating from West-Central Railway (WCR) have been cancelled on account of non-interlocking works Read more »
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UPDATE: Postponed CR: Cancellation / Short Termination / Diversion of Trains due to Infra Work between Kalaburagi and Sawalgi

Solapur Division of Central Railway has undertaken infrastructure work in connection with Pre-Non-interlocking and Non-interlocking work for commissioning of Double Line between Kalaburagi to Sawalgi in Wadi-Solapur section. Read more »

Non-Interlocked… and Stranded

We take a look at what is NI (Non Interlocking) Work, what goes on behind the scenes and why it is so important for Indian Railways Read more »