North Eastern States Received Almost 1 Lakh Passengers by Shramik Special Trains

One lakh passengers have traveled to the north east from all over India by 63 Shramik special trains so far Read more »

Status Updates on Rail Connectivity to Northeast’s Capital Cities

Indian Railways has taken up works of new broad gauge lines to connect the capital cities of North Eastern States such as Meghalaya (Shillong), Manipur (Imphal), Nagaland (Kohima), Mizoram (Aizawl) and Sikkim... Read more »

North East: 30 Stations Identified and Upgraded to Adarsh Station

30 stations in the North-East States have been identified under ‘Adarsh Station Scheme’ and all stations have been upgraded. List of these 30 stations is inside Read more »

IR employees take great efforts to save elephants from being hit

Alert railway employees do whatever it takes to save the lives of elephants being killed on rail tracks.This includes speed restrictions and honking by loco pilots. Read more »