Southern Railway Plans 110 MWp Solar Power on Unused, Trackside Land

Trackside land and vacant areas are to be used by Southern Railway to install around 110 MWp of solar power Read more »

Western Railways Installs 5601.69 KWp Capacity Rooftop Solar Panels At 75 Stations

Indian Railways is set to produce solar energy for meeting all it's energy consumption needs of more than 33 billion units by 2030. Read more »

960 Indian Railways Stations Now Generate Solar Power, 550 More In Progress

Indian Railways has installed solar panels at 960 stations and is in the process of installing another 198 megawatts of capacity on 550 stations. Read more »

ER Installs Solar Power Generation At MEMU Shed, Asansol

The basic objective of the solar power generation system is to meet the electricity supply of the green building of the MEMU shed Read more »

CR Moving Towards Use of Renewable Energy To Run Trains, Stations, Plans 120 MWp Solar Power Capacity

Central Railway is planning to adopt solar and wind power energy for operations. It has planned installation of 120 MWp of solar power capacity Read more »

Khandala-Lonavala Rail Stretch Goes Green

Indian Railways is progressing towards a carbon-free railway by 2030 Read more »

Indian Railways On MISSION MODE Of Becoming a “Green Railway” By 2030 (Net Zero Carbon Emission)

Total 505 pairs of trains have been converted to HOG, unleashing approx 70 million liter diesel/ Rs 450 crore per annum potential of saving Read more »

NFR Adding 3,000 Kwp of Solar Power by FY 21 End, Save 4.7 Crores in Power Bills

Northeast Frontier Railway is set to add another 3,000 Kwp of Solar Power by the end of this financial year resulting in savings of about 4.7 crores in energy bills Read more »

Indian Railways Plans Transformation to Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2030

Indian Railways has set its sights on becoming a Net Zero Carbon Emission Network by 2030, with a pilot project up at Bina and likely to be commissioned in the next few... Read more »

Indian Railways Completes Maintenance Of Critical Projects During Lockdown

The backend warriors of Indian Railways have fully availed the opportunity provided by suspension of passenger services due to pandemic of COVID 19 to successfully executed more than 200 long pending maintenance... Read more »