Various Zones Flag Off Special Train Services Today

Various zones flagged off special train services from 1st of June. According to the Ministry of Railways, approximately 1.45 lakh passengers have traveled on these special trains today. 100 Special Train pairs were announced in May.

Western Railway

Western Railway ran 14 such special trains originating from Mumbai, Surat and Ahmedabad out of its scheduled 17 pairs of mail/ express trains which are now being restored in a phased manner.

On 1st June 2020, six special trains departed from Mumbai Division.

Mumbai Central: Karnavati Exp., Jaipur superfast Exp. & Golden Temple Mail, Bandra Terminus: Paschim Exp. & Avadh Exp, Surat: Tapti Ganga Exp

8 special trains were departed from Ahmedabad Division.

The details of the 14 trains that left for various parts of the country from Mumbai, Surat & Ahmedabad on 1st June 2020 are as following:

  1. Train No. 02933 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Karnavati Express departed from Mumbai Central at its scheduled time at 13.40 hrs. A total of 1577 passengers boarded from Mumbai Central & Borivali stations. On board catering has been provided in the train.
  2. Train No. 02925 Bandra Terminus-Amritsar Paschim Express departed from Bandra Terminus at its scheduled time at 12.00 hrs. A total of 734 passengers boarded from Bandra Terminus, Andheri, Borivali, Dahanu Road and Valsad stations. Onboard catering has been provided in the train.
  3. Train No. 09045 Surat-Chhapra Tapti Ganga Express departed from Surat at its scheduled time at 09.55 hrs. A total of 1606 passengers boarded from Surat, Udhna, Nandurbar, Dondaicha and Amalner stations. On board catering has been provided in the train.
  4. Train No. 02934 Ahmedabad- Mumbai Central Karnavati Express departed from Ahmedabad at its scheduled time at 04.55 hrs. A total of 1116 passengers boarded from Ahmedabad station. Onboard catering has been provided in the train.
    The rest of the 10 trains were scheduled to depart late in the evening hours of 1st June, 2020 from Mumbai Central, Bandra Terminus and Ahmedabad stations. The other three trains that will run from tomorrow and on other days are as following:
  5. Train No. 09041/09042 Bandra Terminus – Ghazipur City Express (Ex. Bandra Terminus at 23.25 hrs.) will run on Bi-Weekly basis (Friday and Sunday) will halt at Borivali, Vapi, Valsad, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara and Ratlam stations of Western Railway. The other stoppages of the train will be as per regular time tabled train.
  6. Train No. 09037/09038 Bandra Terminus – Gorakhpur Avadh Express (Ex. Bandra Terminus at 22.40 hrs.) will run on four days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) and will halt at Andheri, Borivali, Vapi, Valsad, Surat, Ankleshwar, Vadodara, Derol, Godhra, Dahod, Meghnagar, Bamnia, Ratlam, Khachrod and Nagda stations of Western Railway. The other stoppages of the train will be as per regular time tabled train.
  7. Train No. 09165/09166 Ahmedabad – Darbhanga Sabarmati Express (Ex. Ahmedabad at 21.00 hrs.) will run on three days (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) and will halt at Mahemadavad Kheda Road, Nadiad, Anand, Chhayapuri, Godhra, Dahod, Meghnagar, Ratlam, Khachrod, Nagda, Ujjain, Tarana Road and Maksi stations of Western Railway. The other stoppages of the train will be as per regular time tabled train.

South Western Railway

With effect from today, 200 special train services have been started across the country.  Train No. 02080 Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru Jan Shatabdi Express Special was the first train from Hubballi which departed at 14:20 hrs today from Hubballi Railway station.  Train No.02080 Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru Jan shatabdi Express Special has a capacity of 934 seats and 197 seats were booked for today’s journey.  At Hubballi, 157 passengers boarded the train.  

Later, train No. 07305 Hubballi -H. Nizamuddin Link Express departed at 16:15 hrs.  This train has a capacity of 366 berths and all the 366 berths were booked.  At Hubballi 132 passengers boarded the train.  

One more Train No. 02779 Vasco Da Gama -H. Nizamuddin Goa Express special departed at 15:00 hrs.  from Vasco Da Gama station.  The train has a berth capacity of 1084 and 1076 berths have been reserved by the passengers.  At Vasco Da Gama, 205 passengers boarded the train.  

Hand sanitization and thermal screening of passengers, social distancing, wearing of face cover / mask by passengers and other health protocol were scrupulously followed.  Train rakes were cleaned and sanitized before allowing the passengers to board the trains.  Following trains will be operated on South Western Railway: –

1. Train No.02245 / 02246 Howrah – Yesvantpur – Howrah Five Days a week Duronto Special.

2. Train No.02080 / 02090 Yesvantpur – shivamogga Town – Yesvantpur Janshatabdi Express Special.

3. Train No.02629 / 02630 Yesvantpur – H. Nizamuddin – Yesvantpur Sampark Kranthi Bi-weekly Express Special.

4. Train No.02691 /02692 KSR Bengaluru – New Delhi – KSR Bengaluru Daily Rajdhani Express Special.

5. Train No.02079 /02080 KSR Bengaluru – Hubballi – KSR Bengaluru Daily Janshatabdi Express Special.

6. Train No.02295 /02296 KSR Bengaluru – Danapur – KSR Bengaluru Daily Sanghamitra Express Special.

7. Train No.01301 /01302 Mumbai CSMT – KSR Bengaluru – Mumbai CSMT Daily Udyan Exrpress Special.

8. Train No.06597 / 06598 KSR Bengauru – Belagavi – KSR Bngaluru Tri-weekly Express Special.

9. Train No.06503 / 06504 KSR Bengaluru – Mysuru – KSR Bengaluru Six-days-a-week Express Special.

10. Train No.02779-07305 / 07306-02780 Vasco-da-Gama – Hubballi – H. Nizamuddin – Hubballi – Vasco-da-Gama Daily Express Special.

11. Train No.01139 / 01140 Mumbai CSMT – Gadag – CSMT daily Express Special.

Passengers are informed that:

• Only passengers with confirmed / RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) tickets will be allowed to board trains.
• Only passengers who are found asymptomatic will be permitted to travel.
• All passengers must wear face covers/masks at the time of entering railway station and during journey.
• Passengers are recommended to download ‘Aarogya Setu’ App.
• Passengers shall reach the station at least 90 minutes in advance to facilitate thermal screening at the Station.
• Passengers are advised to bring food from home, for travel.
• Only packed /ready to eat meals will be available in trains.
• Cooked meals won’t be provided/served in pantries/vendors in trains.
• However at enroute stations wherever IRCTC has base kitchens, cooked meals will be sold.
• No Linen / Blankets etc., will be provided inside the trains and passengers are requested to make their own arrangements.

Central Railway

Graded restoration of passenger trains – First train starts from CSMT Mumbai on 1.6.2020.

The first train 01093 CSMT Mumbai –Varanasi Special among 200 special trains to start, departed from Central Railway at 00.10 hours on 1.6.2020 from the very place the first train on Indian Railways ran on 16.4.1853. 

Second train no. 01301 CSMT-KSR Bengaluru special left at 08.05 hrs on 1.6.2020. 

Third train no. 01061 LTT-Darbhanga special left at 12.15 hrs on 1.6.2020

Fourth train no.01071 LTT-Varanasi special left at 12.40 hrs on 1.6.2020

Fifth train no.01019 CSMT-Bhubaneshwar special left at 15.05 hrs on 1.6.2020

Thermal screening of joyful passengers wearing masks and maintaining social distance were strictly followed. They were clearly happy and thanked Indian Railways for restarting the train services.  They were also informed about the health protocols to be adhered as prescribed by the destination State.

Other special trains scheduled on 1.6.2020 are:

01139 CSMT-Gadag special will dep at 21.20 hrs on 1.6.2020

01015 LTT-Gorakhpur special will dep at 22.45 hrs on 1.6.2020

02141 LTT-Patliputra special will dep at 23.35 hrs on 1.6.2020

Northeast Frontier Railway

In the NFR area out of six special trains, three starts from today. These are 1) 02067 / 02068 Guwahati – Jorhat Town Janshatabdi Express (special), 2) 05955 Dibrugarh – Delhi Brahmaputra Mail (special), 3) 05483 Alipurduar Jn – Delhi Mahananda Express (special).

Other special trains namely, 05646 Guwahati – Lokmanyatilak Express (special), will start from Guwahati w.e.f. 03-06-2020. 02377 Sealdah – New Alipurduar Padatik Express (special) will start from sealdah today and 02378 New Alipurduar – Sealdah Padatik Express (special) will start from New Alipurduar w.e.f. 02.06.2020. And train no 02408 Amritsar – New Jalpaiguri Karmabhumi Express (special) will start from Amritsar on 05.06.2020 and 02407 New Jalpaiguri – Amritsar Karmabhumi Express (special) will start from New Jalpaiguri w.e.f. 10.06.2020.

All these trains are being run as per timings of public time table and following the normal route to their respective destinations.

02067 Guwahati – Jorhat Town Janshatabdi Express (special) today left Guwahati station on time with passengers on board after a long period of more than two months. All passengers were found to be very happy on being able to make train journey again. 05483 Alipurduar – Delhi Mahananda Express (special) also left Alipurduar Jn station with hundreds of passengers. 05955 Dibrugarh – Delhi Brahmaputra Mail (Special) will also start today from Dibrugarh today.

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