Want to Cancel a Confirmed Train Ticket? Rules You Need to Know

Author: Aditya S Nivarthi

Rajesh is a sleeper class passenger travelling between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad by 12901 Gujarat Mail. His ticket costs Rs 315 (base fare of Rs 265 + reservation charges of Rs 20 + super-fast charges of Rs 30).

But plans change He now wishes to cancel his ticket. Will he be able to cancel the ticket at all? How much money will he receive a refund?

You could be in the same situation. Read on and find out what it will cost you.

One important thing to know: IR levies cancellation charges per passenger and not per ticket.

Here are the various situations Rajesh faces, and the amounts he will be charged for cancellation.

If Rajesh cancels ticket more than 48 hours before the train departs:He will be charged Rs. 120 as cancellation charges for his sleeper class ticket.

IR deducts
Rs 240 for 1A/EC classes
Rs 200 for 2A/FC classes
Rs 180 for 3A/CC classes
Rs 120 for SL tickets
Rs 60 for 2S as cancellation charges per passenger.
This is the minimum charge for cancellation prior to departure
What if Rajesh is able to cancel ticket between 12 and 48 hrs before train departure?He will be charged 25 per cent of base fare or the minimum cancellation charge of Rs 120, whichever is higher.

In this case the cancellation charge will be Rs 120.
And what if Rajesh is a little late, is only able to cancel ticket less than 12 hrs before train departure?he will lose 50 per cent of base fare of Rs 265, that is Rs 132.5, rounded off to the nearest five rupees.

Between four and 12 hours of train departure or up to chart preparation, cancellation charges are 50 per cent of the fare (subject to minimum cancellation charges).

Chart preparation happens 4 hours before departure. However, for early morning train departures, charts are made the previous night.
What about if he cancels the ticket with less than 4 hrs to go before the train departs?Rajesh will get no refunds at all.
What if Rajesh has a confirmed Tatkal ticket?Rajesh gets no refund at all.

Online Cancellation of tickets bought over-the-counter

If Rajesh wants to cancel his counter purchased ticket online, here’s what he needs to do:

  1. Go to IRCTC page for counter ticket cancellation
  1. Read the instructions on the page
  2. Enter PNR number
  3. Enter captcha
  4. Enter OTP received from IRCTC. You will receive an SMS with the OTP on the mobile number provided at the counter during ticket reservation
  5. Once OTP is validated, PNR details are displayed, Cancellation details are sent on the registered mobile number with refund information.
  6. With a printout of the details on the site, Rajesh needs to visit the nearest PRS counter to collect the refund for the cancelled ticket.

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