WR : Jagjivan Ram Hospital Designs Web Enabled Application For Covid Patients

The frontline warriors at Western Railway’s Jagjivan Ram Hospital (JRH) are taking the utmost care and treatment of COVID positive patients since the lockdown. Till now upto 9 am on 12th August, 2020, total 1,296 patients have successfully recovered under the care of JRH and  currently, 139 positive Coronavirus patients are getting suitable treatment at JRH. To aid the medical fraternity in better patient care for COVID-19, Jagjivan Ram Hospital has developed an in-house JRH App  – a web-based mobile enabled application. Alok Kansal – General Manager of Western Railway, dedicated this unique app for efficient caretaking of patients at JRH.

The web-based app logs the entire patient flow for COVID treatment, right from the entry into the triage of the hospital till they are discharged. The app creates a database containing the basic details of the patient, like Name, Age, Address, Sex, etc., followed by Comorbidity Conditions, Initial Symptoms, Physical Exposure details, Digital X-ray data, Lab Reports, Daily Medication Data, Daily Parameter Check, etc. This data is logged online along with date and time stamps at different stages by different functionaries with exclusive access across the flow chain, in a user-friendly and seamless manner. The X-ray data and Lab Reports are directly drawn through suitable interfaces with the source machines.

While the Information Management is an effective use of the application, along with its various MIS reports and visual analytics, the periodical classification of a patient into Mild, Severe and Critical based on various parameter checks, lab reports and response to medication, is the biggest highlight of the app. Developed jointly by the Medical Department of JRH and the IT Cell of Mumbai Division of Western Railway, the team is currently working beyond the descriptive and statistical analysis and exploring the realm of Predictive Analytics, riding on the considerable amount of data generated through the Patient Flow across JRH. The success of the app adds an edge to the better management of data related to a patient and providing the patient with the required treatment with care and healing.

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