Central Railways’ Motorwomen Help Mumbai Get Back on Tracks

Motorwomen Mrs. Mumtaz Kazi & Mrs. Manisha Mhaske- Ghorpade steer the local trains with full protective gears. While discharging their responsibility amidst the #coronavirus pandemic threat, the only message they want to tell the passengers is BE SAFE and LET OTHERS BE SAFE.

In an exemplary display of grit and determination, women corona warriors in Central Railways, play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of the locals for the essential staff during coronavirus pandemic. Motorwomen, Guard, Railway Protection Force personnel, Station Manager, Booking Clerk, Ticket Checking Staff, Women involved in maintenance activities like OHE, Track, Signal & Telecommunications, Rolling stock etc , Pointswomen, Medical , Sanitizing worker are the frontline staff come in direct contact while working the local trains.

Mumbai metropolis is one of the cities affected by the global virus. In addition to the threat to public health, the economic and social disruption threatens the livelihood and wellbeing of millions. As Mumbai suburban network, being the lifeline of the city, Central Railway has started running select local trains for its essential staff as identified by the State Government.

Mrs. Manisha Mhaske- Ghorpade, the Motorwoman in full safety gears, face shield and mask, had driven CSMT to Panvel local train on harbour line.  After completing her duty appealed to the passengers to take all safety precautions while travelling in the local train and gave a clarion call “Be Safe, Be Alert!” Mrs. Manisha wearing commitment on her sleeves thanked Central Railway for giving her an opportunity to serve the Nation during this time.

Similarly, Mrs. Mumtaz Kazi also exhibited extreme commitment in driving the local from Thane to CSMT & back. Mumtaz is happy with the safety measures and safety gears provided by Railways like face shield, sanitizers, masks and gloves.

Other women frontline staff also took the mantle of responsibility to work with all safety gears and take precautions to defeat the Covid spread, like local train guard, station manager, booking clerk, ticket checking staff, the RPF lady constable, pointswomen, sanitizing workers, women involved in maintenance activities etc . All play a cohesive role in protecting, safeguarding and transporting the passengers. As these women call us to be safe & take precaution, the world will see them as brave corona warriors.

These are few examples of Corona warriors of the numerous behind-the-scenes keeping CR running

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