CR: Kalyan Electric Loco Shed Celebrates 91st Anniversary

The premier Shed of Indian Railways has the proud distinction of being the First Electric Loco Shed under the then Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR). It was established on 28.11.1928.

During its journey of last 91 years, the Shed has maintained nearly 16 different types of Locomotives.  Initially entrusted with DC Locomotives of type 2160 HP EA-1 & 2230 HP EF-1, the Shed received WCM-2, WCM-3 & WCM-4 class of locomotives which were modified to work in 1500V DC catenary prevalent in Mumbai Division.  Later, CLW manufactured WCM-5 class of locomotives, the first one coined “LOKMANYA” which were also added to the fleet of ELS/KYN.

Since, Mumbai Division is surrounded by Ghat sections on both sides, Kalyan based locomotives perform the essential service of banking (providing additional power) for hauling mail/express/goods trains Up or Down the Ghat.  In 1971, the newly built WCG-2 locomotives were provided which had dynamic braking feature. Thus, with conversion of DC catenary of 1500 volt to AC catenary 25 KV, now 5000 HP WAG/7 locos of ELS KYN are used as banker locos in both the ghats.

With the growing passenger segment of Indian Railways, the population of coaching locos were given a boost with BHEL manufactured WCAM-2P & WCAM-3 locomotives.  Further, WCAG-1 locomotives were also introduced for the expanding goods services.  These locomotives are designed to work under dual catenary voltage i.e. 1500 volt DC & 25 KV AC. During conversion of DC traction to AC traction, these locomotives played a major role in maintaining traffic of Mumbai division without any disturbance.

After 2007, the process of catenary conversion of Mumbai Division to AC was done in North Eastern Ghat and so WAG-7 & WAG-5 locomotives were introduced. Considering the capability of the team of Electric Loco Shed/Kalyan (ELS) in ably handling various types of locomotives, simultaneously, the latest technology, pure AC locomotive 6122 HP WAG-9 with IGBT Converter was added to its fleet in 2013.  As the need of coaching locos increased, in the year 2019, 12 Nos. of WAP-7 type locomotives are added to the feet of ELS Kalyan. Now, for the first time coaching locos of ELS Kalyan are going out of Central Railway and giving its services to other zonal railways like NCR, WCR & NR.  Providing rail connectivity between Mumbai and rest part of India, ghat operation played a vital role in economic development of the country as a whole.


ELS Kalyan maintains the locomotives used for banker operation in multiple formations. This unique operation was started with E/F-1 locomotives in the year 1928. As the traffic and load increases, coupler and tripler are being used to bank both passenger/goods trains in the ghat.

Initially on establishing the shed, only one inspection shed was available, which is still functioning as inspection shop. Originally it was provided with 1500 volt DC OHE and in 1997 testing facility of 25 KV AC catenary was developed.  In 1929 heavy repair shop was started with facility of lifting locomotives and even today Total Over Hauling TOH & IOH of locomotive’s are being carried out in this heavy repair shop. In 2003, new RR shed with facility of 6 pits and crane was started to cater heads of AC locomotives. In 2018, for maintenance of WAG/9, new shed with 4 Nos. of pit were started.

In addition to this in 1983, chemical and metallurgical laboratory was started for ultrasonic testing of loco axis, armature shafts etc. Further much more facilities such as testing ferrous, non-ferrous materials, rubber components were started.  After introduction of AC locomotives, dissolved gas analyzer to analyse various type of gases which are present in insulating oil used in Locomotive’s Transformer was commissioned.

ELS Kalyan took the challenge of Railway Board’s dream project of running push-pull trains i.e. on 22221/22222 Rajdhani Express. With the push-pull operation, maximum speed can be maintained throughout the journey & use of banker in ghat section can be avoided, which helps in time saving. ELS Kalyan plays a major role in push-pull operation.

Earliest loco EA/1 and EF/1 were having horse power of 2160 HP & 2230 HP respectively. Shed as completed a long journey from 1928 & presently it is maintaining 6125 HP WAP/7 locos, which is being used in push-pull operation of 22221/22222 Rajdhani Express.

Throughout the entire journey of ELS Kalyan, shed witnessed and maintained various improvement in technology, which is a rare hereditary.

·         Pure DC loco – AC/DC loco – AC loco – 3 Phase AC locos.

·         Motor Alternator set – Arno – SI Unit – Microprocessor based convertor (BUR).

·         DC Series Traction motor – 3 Phase Traction motor

·         Vacuum brake system – Dual brake system – Air brake system – Triplate panel system – Modern E-70/CCB Electric brake control system.

·         Conventional Relay system – Microprocessor based controlling system.

·         Pneumatic/Electromagnetic contacts – Micro processer based traction convertor.

Presently, the total holding of ELS Kalyan is 223 Locomotives. In the last few years, some notable achievements of Kalyan based Locomotives may be enumerated as under:

·         Isolation of DC circuits in AC-DC Locos to reduce expenditure and improve reliability.

·         Conversion of 2S-3P arrangement of AC-DC Locos to 6P arrangement of pure AC Locos.

·         Conversion of main starting resistance to dynamic braking for bringing energy efficiency while braking in both Ghat sections.

·         In the year 2018 new HS-SPART (High speed Self Propelled Accident Relief Train) ICF make was commissioned.

·         Considering the criticality of punctuality in suburban network of Mumbai division, the Shed has been able to maintain Locomotives with high standards of reliability so as to enable the Division in meeting the expectation of the commuters.

·         The Basic Training Centre of ELS Kalyan yearly trains approximately 450 Supervisors, Artisans & Trade Apprentice staff of the Shed.

·         Shed is also responsible for providing man power and material for smooth functioning of 5 Trip Sheds viz. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Vidyavihar, Lonavla, Igatpuri & also at Pune.

Lastly, ELS Kalyan is also the only Electric Loco Shed of Indian Railways that has Accident Relief Train (ART) & High Speed – Self Propelled Accident Relief Train (HS-SPART) as a part of its fleet.  The renowned and capable break-down team of Kalyan ART has been often acknowledged for its efficiency during unusual happening such as accident, derailments etc. occurring over Mumbai Division.

It is our endeavour to carry on this rich legacy of the Shed into the future so that our Shed becomes pride of not only Mumbai Division, but also the entire Indian Railways.

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  1. To go to south side no new trains. All old trains, filthy, during monsoon time the new Delhi / Trivandrum rajdhani in 2nd AC it was raining inside the train more than outside. All trains are very very dirty. All wash rooms, toilets are very badly maintained. When railway is going to look at it. This is a very pathetic situation. Please look at the trains going to Kerala and do something.

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