CRS nod for Darbhanga-Jhanjharpur & Supaul -Saharsa gauge conversion

The Commissioner of Railway Safety has cleared running of trains between Darbhanga-Jhanjharpur and Supaul-Saharsa post gauge conversion of these two sections. The CRS nod was given on November 25,2019.

The sections are MandanMishra Halt-Jhanjharpur and Garh Baruari- Supaul.

 With this, East Central Railway has made further progress on the Saharsa-Forbesganj gauge conversion in Bihar’s Kosi region.

Progress has also been made in the gauge conversion works of Darbhanga – Jhanjharpur via Sakri junction. Gauge conversion of Jhanjharpur-Laukaha Bazar is remaining.

 Two pairs of passenger trains will be run between Jhanjharpur and Darbhanga on a one train only system of working between Sakri,Jn, Mandan Mishra and Jhanjharpur.

Similarly two pairs of passenger trains will be run between Supaul and Saharsa.

The 22-km long Nirmali -Saraigarh gauge conversion with restoration of the railway bridge over the river Kosi destroyed in 1936 floods is also likely to happen soon.

This will re-establish the rail link connecting Darbhanga to Forbesganj, Saharsa, and Purnia via the shortest rail route after eight decades .

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