ECoR Sets Up Task Force To Minimize Disputes, Maintain Better Land Records

East Coast Railway has set up a new Land Record and Estate Management Task Force to ensure better management and acquisition of land assets.

The task force will take stock of total land estate of ECoR, state wise and district wise. It will arrange authentication of the title deeds/RoRs in possession and will pursue swift acquisition of title deeds/RoRs for every land or plot not available.

Planning, coordination monitoring and ensuring of effective demarcation of Railway land boundaries at the site on each land/plot will also be taken care of by the task force.

Operating under the Chairmanship of Chief General Engineer, the task force will have Estate Officers of all the three Divisions as members and a representative from the Mancheswar Carriage Repair Workshop.

To achieve these objectives, the task force will have the freedom to design its own modalities and processes.

Settlement of disputes/disagreements regarding ownership of each land in possession of ECoR, ensuring signing of land licensing agreements wherever not available or expired will be a key responsibility of the team.

They will also have to ensure the creation of a digital inventory of all land in possession of ECoR with relevant data. General Manager Vidya Bhushan also directed officials to complete the task by 31st March 2021.

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