Freight Corridor block at ECR's Jhajha-trains regulated

A freight corridor block will be imposed in UP direction at Jhajha point over East Central Railway from 6.45 hrs. to 10.45 hrs. o­n 11.12.2019 (Wednesday). Consequently, following arrangements in train running have been made.


·53049 Howrah – Mokama Passenger leaving Howrah o­n 10.12.2019 and 53050 Mokama – Howrah passenger leaving Mokama o­n 11.12.2019 will remain cancelled.


·53139 Kolkata – Jasidih passenger leaving Kolkata o­n 10.12.2019 will be short terminated at Asansol and 53140 Jasidih – Kolkata passenger scheduled to leave Jasidih o­n 11.12.2019 will short originate from Asansol.

·13123 Sealdah – Sitamarhi Express leaving Sealdah o­n 10.12.2019 will be terminated at Barauni Jn. and 13124 Sitamarhi – Sealdah express scheduled to leave Sitamarhi o­n 11.12.2019 will originate from Barauni Jn.


·18622 Hatia – Patna Express will be rescheduled at 23.00 hrs. instead of 22.00 hrs. from Hatia o­n 10.12.2019 & 63561 Asansol – Jasidih MEMU will be rescheduled at 8.30 hrs. instead of 7.30 hrs. o­n 11.12.2019.

Besides, 14055 Dibrugarh – Delhi Brahmaputra Mail and 13133 Sealdah – Varanasi express will be controlled enroute suitably o­n 11.12.2019.

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