Missed connecting train? Get faster refunds for that part. IR to allow linking of passenger PNR numbers

Passenger friendly move aimed at resolving cancellation woes in case your train is late

Come April 2019, you will find it simpler to get refunds for a connecting train that you missed because your train was late.

Indian Railways (IR) has decided to allow linking of two PNR numbers of passengers alighting at a junction station to board a connecting train, starting April 1, 2019.

Such linking has been allowed for all three combinations – both e-tickets, both PRS tickets, and one e-ticket and the other a PRS ticket. A PRS ticket is one where reservation was done over-the-counter on IR’s ticket windows.


Once linking is done, passengers can claim refund at the junction station ticket window, for the portion of the journey that they could not travel due to late running of their first train.

No cancellation or clerkage charges will be levied, and the passenger will receive full refund for the untravelled portion of the journey.

However, passengers have to present their tickets at the junction station window within three hours of the first train’s arrival.

This is as per Rule No. 13 (3) of Railway Passengers (cancellation of ticket and refund of fare) Rules 2015. This rule is also applicable to unreserved tickets.

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