Mysuru Division Adopts Modern Technology To Cut Time For Renewal Rails In Pit Lines At Mysuru Railway Station Yard

Limited passenger train services due to pandemic, presented  yet another excellent opportunity to Mysuru Division to fast track critical infrastructure upgradation work.

Taking advantage of this Mysuru div has undertaken work of repairs to  the pit line no.1 and 3 along with rail renewal. These pit lines were constructed during 1993-94 with class-II rails.  Over the years rails needed replacement due to  heavy corrosion. Most of the bearing plates were also damaged /broken .

Initially, it was planned to execute the work by dismantling the top 30 cm layer of concrete using jack hammers.  Breaking of concrete using jack hammers would result in uneven breaking of concrete as well as development of micro cracks in the bottom layer due to heavy vibrations and reduces the residual life of old concrete.  Manual method of cutting is also time consuming and a cumbersome process. Hence, it was decided to use the diamond rope-saw cutting technology  

Advantage of diamond cutting technology being used : The diamond tipped rope will cut the top 30cm layer of concrete in limited time and will not damage the concrete below the top layer with no sound pollution. Removal of broken concrete blocks is also simpler

By using this the Division hopes to complete this work of 3.58 km length in 60 days saving one month . The ongoing works were inspected by DRM, Smt. Aparna Garg on  Saturday 4th of July along with Senior Mechanical engineer and Asst Civil engineer responsible for execution of this work.

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