SECR: Target to Complete 493 km of Gauge Conversion, 2/3/4th Line in 2019-20

South East Central Railway (SECR) has been set a target to complete 493 km of works connected to Doubling, Tripling, Quadrupling or Gauge Conversion for the financial year 2019-20.

The current financial year’s plan is to complete 106 km of Gauge Conversion and 173 km of doubling, tripling or quadrupling work.

The zone was able complete 39% of the target allocated in the year 2018-19. It was able to commission approximately 137 km of the 351 km target for the previous year.

The target for the new year includes the spillover of 214 km from the previous financial year’s targets in addition to this year’s target of 279 km. This takes the total tally expected to be completed this year to 493 km.

Details of the spillover works on SECR from the previous financial year, and their new timelines for completion:

Name of ProjectSectionExpected Commissioning ByType of ProjectLength (in km)
Chhindwara – NagpurBhandarkund- BimalgondiJune 2019Gauge Conversion20.00
Jabalpur – Gondia G.CNainpur – LamtaJune 2019Gauge Conversion36.00
Jabalpur – Gondia G.CLamta – SamnapurOctober 2019Gauge Conversion25.00
Chindwara-Nainpur-MandlaChiraidongri -Mandla FortOctober 2019Gauge Conversion24.00
Chindwara-Nainpur-MandlaNainpur – PalariNovember 2019Gauge Conversion36.00
Champa-Jharsuguda 3rd lineBelpahar – BrajrajNagarMay 2019Tripling9.00
Bilaspur- Jharsuguda- 4thLajkura – BelpaharMay 2019Quadrupling5.00
Champa-Jharsuguda 3rd line ProjectRobertson – KirodimalnagarJune 2019Tripling18.00
Champa-Jharsuguda 3rd line ProjectRobertson – KirodimalnagarJune 2019Tripling18.00
Champa-Jharsuguda 3rd line ProjectBrajrajnagar – JharsugudaJune 2019Tripling10.50
Champa-Jharsuguda 3rd lineJamga – BelpaharOctober 2019Tripling33.00
Godhani-KalumnaGodhani – KalumnaJune 2019Doubling8.20
Kharsia – Dharamjaygarh (CERL-I)Kharsia – DharamjayagarhJuly 2019Doubling44.00
Pendra Road-Anuppur 3rd linePendra Road -NigauraSeptember 2019Tripling27.60

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  1. Target date is not achieved due to some reasons.Why railway doesnot make realistic target.Such post should come out with reasons for new target dates.

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