SER: List of Stations with Open PRS Counters in Kolkata, Other Towns

South Eastern Railway has opened reservation counters for booking of reserved tickets in a phased manner considering the need of the general public for making the task of ticket booking easy for all prospective travelers from all parts of India in reserved trains.

The following PRS counters in various Railway stations have been opened in SER Jurisdiction with effect from 22.05.2020 as per the schedule mentioned below:

DivisionStations NameShifts
KharagpurHowrahOne PRS Counter in both shifts
KharagpurShalimarOne PRS Counter in both shifts
KharagpurMechedaOne PRS Counter in both shifts
KharagpurKharagpurOne PRS Counter in both shifts
KharagpurHijliOne PRS Counter in both shifts
KharagpurBalasoreOne PRS Counter in both shifts
KharagpurGhatsilaOne PRS Counter in both shifts
AdraPuruliaOne PRS Counter in both shifts
AdraBarabhumOne PRS Counter in one shift
AdraJoy ChandiPaharOne PRS counter in one shift
AdraBurnpurOne PRS Counter in both shift
AdraChandilOne PRS counter in one shift
AdraBokaroOne Counter in both shift
ChakradharpurTatanagarOne Counter in both shifts
ChakradharpurChakradharpurOne Counter in both shifts
ChakradharpurRourkelaOne Counter in both shifts
ChakradharpurRajgangpurOne Counter in one shift
ChakradharpurBamraOne Counter in one shift
ChakradharpurSiniOne Counter in one shift
ChakradharpurChaibasaOne Counter in one shift
ChakradharpurBarbilOne Counter in one shift
ChakradharpurDangoaposiOne Counter in one shift
ChakradharpurJharsugudaOne Counter in both shifts
RanchiRanchiTwo Counters in both shifts
RanchiHatiaOne Counter in both shifts
RanchiMuriOne Counter in one shift

These reservation counters are opened as per local requirements and conditions. It may be noted that running of Shramik Special trains will continue to be handled by local State Governments as per the existing protocols.

The standard social distancing guidelines and the hygiene protocols are to be observed in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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