SWR : Doubling Between Lachyan-Hotgi (33 KM) Commissioned

The doubling project from Hotgi-Kudgi-Gadag (284 km) was sanctioned by Railway Board in 2014-15 at an anticipated cost of Rs.1870 Crore. It connects states of Karnataka & Maharashtra through Bijapur & Solapur districts.

Doubling of Kudgi-Hotgi has been taken up under the Customer funding model with M/s.NTPC. This is one such project in Indian Railways, wherein the Customer/beneficiary of the project is contributing to the cost of the project.

An amount of Rs.946 Crore has been deposited by M/s.NTPC towards the cost of Doubling of the stretch between Hotgi-Kudgi (134 km) and the remaining amount is funded by Railway for doubling of Kudgi – Gadag section (150 km).

This doubling work will increase line capacity and help in avoiding detention to trains waiting for crossing and introduction of additional trains on this route.  This will also help in smooth movement of rakes to/from the industries/power plants and will also boost overall economic development of the region. Commissioning of this section will give impetus to movement of passengers and transport of goods between states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. This is an important rail link connecting the cities of Bengaluru and Mumbai. A lot of tourist places like Bagalkot, Bijapur, etc are getting connectivity.  This project facilitates Rail connectivity for supply of raw materials & Coal to NTPC plants at Kudgi & Hotgi.

Commissioner of Railway safety has inspected Lachyan-Hotgi (33 km) section on 18th May and section was commissioned by South Western Railway on 29th July along with remodeling of Hotgi yard by Central Railway even in difficult situation of covid pandemic. Two halt stations (Padnur, Sulerjavalge) and one block station (Tadwal) are situated under this section.

The track passes through the 670 m long important bridge over River Bhima, the longest bridge in the zone comprising 14 spans of 45.7 m spans is a major achievement.  This bridge is designed to fit for 25T axle loading. Currently, speed restrictions are imposed on existing bridges since it is not capable of carrying higher axle loads.

The bridge consists of two lines, first line is ready for traffic movement & second line will be ready by October. New bridge will increase the speed of goods trains and throughput.  As on date 148 Km of track from Wandal – Hotgi is commissioned & entire 284 Km section from Hotgi to Gadag will be completed to double line by 2022.

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  1. Barely 20 years ago, this Gadag – Hotgi section as well as the main line from Vijayawada – VDG line, from where it takes off, were god forsaken MG single track lines (except some short stretches of single line parallel BG for heavy freights being carried to the industries). Conversion to BG, followed by ongoing doubling as well as ongoing electrification is a sign of how far these 2 lines have come since those dismal days.

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