SWR: Enhanced Security Being Put in Place on Stations

In order to enhance security at Railway stations, major hubs of transportation, Indian Railways decided to provide CCTV system at stations, i.e., waiting-halls, reservation counters, parking areas, main entrance/ exit, platforms, foot overbridges, booking offices etc. 

Railway Board has approved works for provision of Video Surveillance System covering 983 stations over Indian Railways (31 stations on SWR) under Nirbhaya funds. This year a budget of Rs. 250 Crore has been allotted to this in Indian Railways.  

In phase-I that is targeted for this year, SWR was given a target of stations to commission CCTV surveillance system. South Western Railway has recently Commissioned Video Surveillance system (CCTV) at 6 major stations at Ballari by providing 33 Cameras, Belagavi with 36 Cameras, Vasco-Da Gama with 36 Cameras, Bengaluru Cant with 21 Cameras, Bangarpet with 36 Cameras, Hassan with 36 Camera and remaining 3 Stations at Hassan, Shivamogga Town & Sathya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam work is under progress and will be commissioned shortly.

SWR will then be the first zone in Indian Railway to have completed the work in Phase-I. Integrated security System comprising of CCTV System, Baggage Scanner at entry points have already been installed at Bengaluru, Mysuru & Yesvantpur. 

Video Surveillance system (CCTV) was functional at Hubballi with 44 Cameras, Hosapete with 19 Cameras, Koppal with 8 Cameras, Londa with 13 Cameras, Castle Rock with 10 Cameras, Vijayapura with 6 Cameras, Dharwad with 6 Cameras, Gadag with 2 Cameras, Bengaluru with 71 Cameras, Yesvantpur with 35 Cameras, Mysuru with 34 Cameras. 

With this SWR is having at 17 stations functional CCTV and will have a total of 20 locations CCTV functional by end of Jan.2020.

Security personnel can monitor these cameras not only from station control rooms but also form Divisional Central Security Control Room located at Divisional HQ, i.e, Hubballi, Mysuru and Bengaluru. This system has the features of Video surveillance, face detection, video & detection of leftover luggage etc. 

Cameras are provided at strategic locations such as Station entry, Platforms, Reservation Counter, Foot Over Bridges, Yard & Parcel office.  Recording of all the cameras will be stored in hard disk up to 30 days.  The works are being executed by RailTel. 

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