Pvt security guards allowed to travel on Mumbai locals

Private security guards can now travel to work and back on Mumbai's local trains. Read more »

Mumbai Megablock: CR and WR Will Partially Suspend Services for Maintenance Work

Maintenance work to be taken up on Sunday by both Central and Western Railway on Mumbai's suburban lines. See details here Read more »

Central Railway To Add 28 Local Train Services in Mumbai From Tomorrow

28 new local train services are going to start from tomorrow on Central Railway's routes Read more »

WR to Increase Mumbai Local Train Services By 38%, Restart AC Local Services

Starting 15th October, Western Railway will add another 194 local train services on its routes. This will raise the total number of services on WR from the existing 506 to 700. Read more »

Mumbai Megablock: CR and WR To Impose Blocks For Maintenance Work This Sunday

Central and Western Railway will be undertaking planned downtime for maintenance work on their routes in Mumbai on Sunday. The downtime will affect local train services Read more »

Starting Today, 22 Additional Local Train Services in Mumbai on CR

More local trains in Mumbai for the benefit of essential workers from the city. Read more »

Central Railway to add 6 services, operate 431 local trains in Mumbai from October 1st

Additional 8 services to the existing 423 services. Additional 8 services:4 specials on main line including 2 Ladies’ specials and 4 specials on Trans-harbour line Read more »

Starting Monday, Six New Local Services in Mumbai on WR. Two Ladies Specials in List

Six new local train services including two ladies specials to start for essential works in Mumbai on Western Railway Read more »

Mumbai Gets More Local Train Services on Central Railway Routes From Today

68 new local train services are being added in Mumbai by Central Railway to the existing 355 currently operating on mainline and harbour routes Read more »