SCR Undertakes Track Maintenance on War Footing in Lockdown

South Central Railway has taken up track maintenance work on a war footing during the lockdown, making it the zone having done the highest amount of maintenance work during the period Read more »

Iconic Godavari Bridge Near Rajahmundry Undergoes Track Maintenance

South Central Railway took advantage of the lockdown and conducted track maintenance on the iconic Godavari bridge at Rajahmundry. See photos Read more »

Canal Crossing Project on Mysuru Division Of SWR

Work of canal crossing on Mysuru division on SWR, utilising the low traffic. Read more »

Indian Railways Start Using Lockdown for Widespread Maintenance Work

Indian Railways has taken advantage of the lockdown to undertake long pending maintenance works nationwide to improve safety and speeds across the network Read more »
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NFR: Steps Being Taken To Improve Track Safety

NFR is ensuring that railway track gets the required attention by undertaking various planned track renewal works. Read more »