KR to suspend halts at Indapur and Veravali to finish doubling works

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October 25, 2019

Konkan Railway (KRCL) has decided to suspend passenger train halts at Indapur (Halt) and Veravali (Halt) stations from November 1 to November 30, 2019. The reason: completion of track doubling works in its Roha-Veer section.

 A statement by KRCL said that track doubling works in the Roha -Veer section were in an advanced stage of completion.

 While completing the rail linking works for one main line, loop line and other associated works, it would be difficult for passengers to get in and get down from a train at Indapur.

 At Veravali, an additional loop and platform works are in progress and this would make life difficult for passengers.

In addition, KRCL is also constructing 10 new stations and eight loop lines along its alignment to augment capacity, KRCL added.


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