WR: Target of 559 km New Line, GC & Doubling in FY19-20, Includes 291 km from 18-19

WR has been set a target of 559 km of commissioning of New Line, Doubling and Gauge Conversion work in the financial year 2019-20, according to sources.

The Mumbai based zone was only able to achieve 45% of its annual target for the year 18-19. Despite the low actual figures, WR ranks among the best when compared to other zones such as CR with a mere 15% of the target achieved, and WCR with an even lower tally of 10%.

Below is the list of works that were not completed in the previous financial year, and are now part of spillover targets to be executed in 2019-20. Timelines for completion, as currently planned, are also provided.

Name of ProjectSectionExpected Commissioning ByType of ProjectLength (in km)
Dahod – Indore via Sardarpur, Jhabua & Dhar New line (204.76 Km)Dahod-KatwaraFebruary 2020New Line11.40
Chotta Udepur – DharAlirajpur- JobatDecember 2019New Line24.00
Mahesana-Taranga HillMahesana-VadnagarJune 2019Gauge Conversion33.00
Dabhoi-Chandod – Gauge conversion with extension upto Kevadiya (49.75 km)Dabhoi-ChandodDecember 2019Gauge Conversion18.00
Ahmedabad-Mehsana (68.78 Kms.)Sabarmati-KalolJune 2019Gauge Conversion20.64
Ratlam-Mhow-Khandwa-Akola GC(472.60 Kms.) – (298.60 Kms. in WR)Mathela-Attar –NimarkherApril – June 2019Gauge Conversion50.70
Ratlam-Mhow-Khandwa-Akola GC(472.60 Kms.) – (298.60 Kms. in WR)Sanawad-NimarkheriDecember 2019Gauge Conversion11.30
Chittor-Nimach Doubling (55.73 Km)Shambhupura
to Nimbaheda
October 2019Doubling14.90
Vatva-Ahmedabad – 3rd line with automatic signalling (7.50 Kms.)Vatva – AhmedabadJune 2019Tripling7.50
( DL) (182.23 Km)
Sadla-Bajana-JatpipliJune 2019Doubling17.25
( DL) (182.23 Km)
Sukhpur-Halvad-KhakhrechiSeptember 2019Doubling33.95
( DL) (182.23 Km)
Khakhrechi-WadharvaNovember 2019Doubling8.38
Doubling of Indore-Ujjain ( 80 Km)Ujjain-KarchhaOctober 2019Doubling17.60
Surendranagar-Rajkot Doubling (116.17 Km)Chamaraj – RamparadaFebruary 2020Doubling23.86
Palanpur-Samakhiyali DoublingBhildi-DiyodarMay 2019Doubling26.24
Palanpur-Samakhiyali DoublingKidiyanagar-SamakhialiJune 2019Doubling33.59

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